Tea Ceremony

Mituki Sakura Tea Ceremony Experience Trial

The Japanese culture revolves around and spiritual existence are based around 4 important factors (Peace, Respect, Purity, Elegance)Creating the ambience and respect of peace for both the Husband and Guests the Tea Ceremony Items are tailor-made to create such and ambience
Art concepts that blend with the 4 seasons equals the Tea Ceremony Teacher - The Customer - Is the matching between The Tea Ceremony and the customer themselves
Soothe one’s tired soul by submersing oneself in the beauty of natures surroundings
Helping oneself to return to the basics of life and regain an appreciation nature itself
Enjoy and appraise the wonders of nature by creating Tea Mastery with your own hands
Enjoy a nice warm cup of Japanese Tea against the back drop of falling snow and appreciate the true artistic brilliance

Tea Ceremony Experience Trial Admission Fee (only for those on a first time trial) 1 person ¥3,850
(Extra fee of ¥3,300 for those who wish to rental Japanese Clothing)t
Inclusive of guidance by Tea Ceremony Teacher, Matcha Powered Tea, Japanese Sweetst
Reservations available from the Starting times of 11am, 1pm and 3pm t
Experience Trial Maximum Numbers: Up to 6 memberst
Running Time: Roughly 30-40 minutest
Place for the trial: ‘Mituki Sakura Annex’ Tea Ceremony Roomt
During the trial each and every person will have a chance to experience how to make Matcha Tea


For Bookings and Enquiries


10am - 6pm (early reservations are possible)
Rental and Fitting, Hair Setting Reception Hours 10am-5pm
Kimono & Outfit Viewing Hours 12pm-3pm
By Appointment Only(Reservations must be made by 5pm the day before)