Steps Involved with Renting

01Pay us a visit at the shop

Please use our access page with regards to maps and directions

02Choose the type of clothing you would like

  1. We recommend that you make a reservation to ensure that you can receive the clothing of your preferred choice and give you a much wider range of selection.
  2. In advance: ① Enter your preferred date and time ② Enter the time and date of your preferred fitting time and also the preferred clothing item along with the item number (you can reserve by other Email for telephone)

Advance fitting reservations are available between the hours of 12pm and 3pm daily
Reservations of Clothing are available on a first come first served basis
The majority of Sizes for Clothing are Free Size but we also cater for Tall Sizes and L Size for some items.For special requests please contact us in advance.


Fitting times for Kimono and Japanese Clothing varies depending on the type chosen
Please allow up to 30 minutes.

04Hair Setting and Make Up Artistry

For those who have selected an option
Please allow up to 30 minutes for completion

We recommend that you choose a Photo Shoot with you selected Kimono and Hair Style and Make Up package so as to keep the wonderful memories.
For those who have chose the Hair Setting option, we are also able to supply a traditional ornamental hair pin free of charge

05You are all prepared and ready to step outside!

Once you have finished your Hair Setting, Clothes Fitting and Make Up, you are ready to choose your footwear and step outside to your destination!

06Rental returns

Please allow 15 minutes for paperwork The store closes at 6:00 p.m. Please return it by 6:00 p.m. Just this is considered finished!

Preferred walking Route of Mituki Sakura

Starting point: Mituki Sakura Salon








~「中島公園駅」下車→徒歩 【1分】






For Bookings and Enquiries


10am - 6pm (early reservations are possible)
Rental and Fitting, Hair Setting Reception Hours 10am-5pm
Kimono & Outfit Viewing Hours 12pm-3pm
By Appointment Only(Reservations must be made by 5pm the day before)