About Mitsuki Sakura Salon

Our Salon has a Japanese Style Ambience located in the heart of Sapporo City - We offer Fitting and Rental services for Japanese clothing
We have fitting and changing rooms available with Japanese Style Tatami Flooring
We have a wide range of Japanese Traditional Clothing to suit all occasions notably for Weddings, Graduation and for taking a stroll around our preferred walking routes.
(Children’s clothing available for 1 year or older, Adults sizes available from SS Size to 3L Sizes
We have fully trained professionals on hand to take care of all your preferential needs. Trending with TPO styles to replicate Japanese styles for Bridegrooms and other images and events as requested by our customers.
We offer full use of our studio for photo shoots and location shots.
Please enquire for details of our Photography Set Packages.


Our aim is to provide quality service to our customers through the beauty of the traditional style Kimono through the ambience of our salon.
We aim to give the customer the feeling of beauty by wearing our luxurious range of Kimono’s and Japanese Clothing.
These are the reasons why i started the business.
We respect all of our customers customs and varied backgrounds and tailor to each and every customer individually.
Our staff are professional and highly trained to give you the best experience possible.
We will strive to do our best to provide a premium Rental Service to all our customers and we await your patronage.
Please feel free to contact us with your requests.

Representative: Sakamoto Minako

History of Mituki Sakura

October 2010
Company Representative returned from Shanghai and began preparations for the Salon
November 2011
Formed the Company - KK Sakura Hana Project and began Kimono Rental and Japanese Cultural Exchanges
October 2012
Kimono Rental Mituki Sakura opens in the Shopping Arcade located at West 6 Tanuki Koji, Sapporo
October 2017
Kimono Rental Mituki Sakura re-opens at a new location inside the Tanuki Koji Arcade, West 5, Sapporo
June 2018
KK - Mituki Sakura Project Opens ‘MJ Wedding’ in Sapporo Maruyama
March 2019
Mituki Sakura Photo Studio and Tea Ceremony Room opens on the 7th floor inside the same building in the Tanuki Koji Arcade


Mitsuki Sakura

Address; Daio Bldg 6F, 23-1, 2 Jou 5 Chome, Chuo Ku, Sapporo 060-0062

Facebook:美月桜 mituki sakura

Public Transport

By Car

Parking options
- Parking is at the cost of the customer

- Recommended Parking Lot within 3 minutes walking distance of the Salon

- Directions from Sapporo Station

Take the Subway on the Nanboku Line - From Sapporo Station to Odori Station - alight at Odori and exit from Exit number 1 then head South towards Susukino down the underground shopping area and take the escalator at the Tanuki Koji Exit.
Taxi Service - Taxi stand from the Southern Exit of Sapporo Station - Please alight at either between West 4 & 5 or West 5 & 6 of the Tanuki Koji Arcade. It is a short 1 minute walk heading west from there.
20 minute walk from Sapporo Station in the Southern direction towards Susukino via the underground walking arcade

- Directions from Odori Station

Take Exit Number 1 towards Susukino, and it is a 5 minute walk from there

- Directions from Susukino Station

Take Exit Number 2 and head towards the Tanuki Koji Arcade and it is a 5 minute walk from there


For Bookings and Enquiries


10am - 6pm (early reservations are possible)
Rental and Fitting, Hair Setting Reception Hours 10am-5pm
Kimono & Outfit Viewing Hours 12pm-3pm
By Appointment Only(Reservations must be made by 5pm the day before)