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Wear your Kimono to Festivals and Events.
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Special features of Mituki Sakura Salon Services


Rental of Full Set Packages
Come as you are! No need to bring anything as we have everything in shop to cater for all your needs!
Rental fee includes fitting!


Rental for all types of Traditional Japanese Clothing are available
Assistance with ‘Fitting Only’ can be arranged
Reservations available for Hair Make and Make Up Artistry simultaneously with Fitting


We will guide you through all steps with regards to fitting to give you peace of mind especially for the first e customers.

We have over 1000 clothing selections to choose from

Rental Price List

Whole Day Full Set Rental + Fitting and inclusive of dry cleaning costs and Consumption Tax. Note: Must be returned on the same day.

Items included in the Rental Plan

Ladies Kimono

Japanese clothing, Kimono ‘Obi’ Sash Belt, Full length Kimono undergarment (Ladies with Embroidered Collar) all fitting accessories, Leather footwear, Stretch style socks, Purse, Winter use shawl + Fitting
Note that the Full Length Undergarment is not available with the Yukata selection wear
With have lots of other luxurious options for you to choose from. We also offer next day returns for rental items so please feel free to ask.Please check the below price chart for costs

Men’s Clothing

Japanese Clothing, Traditional short coat, ‘Obi’ Sash Belt, Full length undergarment, all fitting accessories, Leather footwear, Stretch style socks ,Wallet, Winter Use Shawl + Fitting
Note that the Full Length Undergarment is not available with the Yukata selection wear

Hair Setting - Make Up Option Plan

Hair Setting includes free rental of an Ornamental Hairpin

Ladies Natural Hair Setting - Children’s Natural Hair Setting¥2,200
Ladies Kimono Style Hair Setting - Children’s Kimono Style Hair Setting¥3,300
Japanese Style Hair Setting - Bridegroom Hair Setting (Hair Tie)¥5,500
Natural Make Up¥2,200
Kimono Style Make Up¥3,300

Please advise if White make up color is required

Hair Setting

Ladies Natural Hair Setting
Children's Natural Hair Setting

Hair Setting without the use of Ironing

  • - Style of the fringe is up to the discretion by the customer
  • - Style of the back of the hair is left up to the discretion of the Hair Stylist

Kimono Style Hair Setting (Other than Japanese Style)
Children’s Japanese Style Setting

Hair Setting that includes ironing to make the Hair Set Hard

  • Before the hair setting there will be a meeting with the Hair Stylist about the fringe style required, Custom Made Option is available upon request, Pictures can be taken home freely

Japanese Hair Style, Bridegroom Hair Setting
(Hair Tie)

Note that the price includes the use of a Japanese Traditional Hairpin

Make Up

Natural Make Up

Preparations are to be made at the customers own pace, there will be no fake eyelashes used with the Make Up, Partial make up and not full Make Up Artistry

Japanese Style Make Up

Full Make Up Artistry, Fake Eyelashes can be used

Take Home Fitting Plan

Fitting of Japanese Wear Only (clothing supplied by customer)Fitting Prices
Home Visit Fitting/Finely Patterned Cloth/Hakama/Shichigosan¥5,500
Furisode - Long Sleeved Kimono¥8,800
Hakama (Men’s and Ladies)¥8,800
Pure White Kimono/Gorgeously Patterned Kimono¥16,500

Early Morning Options

Reception HoursPrice per person(additional)
Reception Hours around 9:00¥1,650
Reception Hours around 8:00¥2,200
Reception Hours around 7:00¥3,300
Reception Hours around 6:00¥4,400

Next Day Return Options

OptionsPrice List
One Day Late Return Charge for a full set¥1,100~

Note that late charge fees are calculated differently depending on the type of Clothing

Kimono Wear TPO (Time, Place, Occasion)

Female Japanese Clothing

Finely patterned cloth, Double Scaled Sleeve(both wedded and non wedded customers are fine)

TPO (Time, Place Occasion): Theatre Going, School Reunions, Dinner Functions, Tea Ceremonies, Casual Walkabout

Ladies Semi Formal Kimono for Visits(Suitable for Wedded and Non Wedded Customers)

Suitable for a wide range of events from Semi Formal to Formal
TPO (Time, Place, Occasion): Suitable Wear for Weddings, Engagement Events, Formal Marriage Interviews, Tea Ceremonies, General Parties

Long Sleeved(Formal Dress for Non Wedded Customers)

Formal Dress for Non Wedded Customers
TPO (Time, Place, Occasion), Coming of Age Day, Weddings, Engagement Ceremonies, Tea Ceremonies and can be functional for a Wide Range of other events

Formal Hakama Wear for Graduation Ceremonies

TPO (Time, Place, Occasion): Formal Wear for Graduation Ceremonies

Formal Black Tomesode(Formal Kimono for Ceremonial purposes)

Especially used by the Mother and Families of the Bride and Groom at Wedding Ceremonies
TPO (Time, Place, Occasion): Wedding Ceremonies

Formal Tomesode Wear(Suitable for Wedded and Non Wedded Customers)

Long Semi Formal and Formal Sleeved Kimono suitable for Married Ladies and Ladies who have Graduated
TPO (Time, Place, Occasion): Wedding Ceremonies (Families of Non Wedded Sisters) Party Events, First Tea Ceremony of the New Year

Rental of Yukata outfits between June & August

Functional as Summer Cool Evening Wear and can be worn to Fireworks Events, Temple Festival and Bon Dancing Festivals
Yukata Wear is reminiscent and traditional to Summer events in Japan

Furisode, Long Sleeved kimonoFormal Black Tomesode (Formal Kimono for Ceremonial purposes)Formal Colored Tomesode (Formal Kimono for Ceremonial purposes)Semi Formal Visiting DressFinely Patterned ClothGraduation Ceremony HakamaYukata Dress
Attendance of Wedding Ceremonies for Relatives of the Bride and Groom
Attendance of Wedding Ceremony for Non Wedded Family Members
Attendance of Wedding Ceremony for General Marriages
Attendance of Wedding Ceremony for General Non Married
Engagement Party (Mother)
Engagement Party (The Person getting engaged)
Graduation and Coming of Age Ceremonies
Tea Ceremonies
Wear for formal visits
Theatre Going, Class Reunions, Outdoor Walkabout
Fireworks Spectacle, Temple Festival, Festivals

Men’s Colorful Kimono

Crested Kimono, Hakama(Men’s formal divided skirt)

TPO: Suitable for Weddings, Coming of Age Ceremonies, Graduation Ceremonies

Casually Dressed Kimono for Men with Hakama(Suitable for Wedded and Non Wedded Customers)

TPO: Wedding Ceremonies, Tea Ceremonies

Casually Dressed Kimono for Men with no Hakama(Suitable for Wedded and Non Wedded Customers)

TPO: Theatre Going, School Reunions, Dinner Functions, Tea Ceremonies, Casual Walkabout

Yukata Wear

TPO: Cool Summer Style, Fireworks Events, Temple Festivals, General Festivals

Men's formal Hakama style wear consisting of Embroidered CrestsCasually Dressed Kimono for Men with HakamaCasually Dressed Kimono for MenYukata
Suitable for Wedding Attendance (Families)
Suitable for Wedding Attendance (General Admission)
Coming of Age Day
Graduation Ceremonies
Tea Ceremonies
Wear for formal visits
Theatre Going, Class Reunions, Outdoor Walkabout
Fireworks Spectacle, Temple Festival, Festival Visits


Rental Contract Details

  • - Please make a reservation before renting our goods
  • - Our opening Hours are from 10am - 6pm and rented items must be returned before 6:00pm
  • - Please refrain from eating and drinking inside the salon
  • - Please note that we rent our Clothing to include Fitting ad we do not rent Clothing only
  • - Reservations will be cancelled for delays of more than 15 minutes
  • - The wearing of Kimono’s could affect the condition of Pregnant Ladies therefore we refrain from providing a Kimono Fitting service.

About Ladies Kimono’s

  • - Kimono’s are basically all a free size selection, however there are tall sizes available for certain types. Please enquire for more details about sizes available

Opening Hours

  • - Early morning reservations, Next day returns & Home Visits are available on request

Note that extra charges are incurred and please enquire for more details

Cancellation Rules

  • - Cancellations are accepted up until 12pm the previous day
  • - Delays of 30mins will mean automatic cancellation of the reservation

Note that cancellations beyond the 12pm previous day deadline will incur a 100% service fee charge
(We are flexible with Cancellations or changes to reservations anytime before 12pm the previous day)

Optional Hair Setting and Make up Artistry reservations

  • - Please enquire before 6pm the previous day
    We are unable to assist with Optional hair Setting and Make Artistry demands on the day of the booking without prior notice

About Photography

  • - Reservations may not be accepted on certain days
    Please feel feel to enquire

With regards to Lost Property

  • Lost property will be held at the Mituki Sakura premises for a maximum of 2 weeks but will be disposed off if not claimed within that time.


For Bookings and Enquiries


10am - 6pm (early reservations are possible)
Rental and Fitting, Hair Setting Reception Hours 10am-5pm
Kimono & Outfit Viewing Hours 12pm-3pm
By Appointment Only(Reservations must be made by 5pm the day before)