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〒060-0062 札幌市中央区南2条西5丁目23-1狸小路大王ビル6F
ご予約・お問合せ  011-596-9881


For Bookings and Enquiries


10am - 6pm (early reservations are possible)
Rental and Fitting, Hair Setting Reception Hours 10am-5pm
Kimono & Outfit Viewing Hours 12pm-3pm
By Appointment Only(Reservations must be made by 6pm the day before)

Company Information

Japanese Traditional Home Style Ambience within the City of Sapporo

We are a Beauty Salon that provides Rental and Fitting of Japanese Kimono and Traditional Japanese Clothing
Personalized Service cherishing the individual needs of our customers

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Company Access

Address; Daio Bldg 6F, 23-1, 2 Jou 5 Chome, Chuo Ku, Sapporo 060-0062
Facebook:美月桜 mituki sakura

Details of Mitsuki Sakura Salon’s recommended walking route

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How to Rent

We offer everything that you need inside our Salon so please feel free to come as you are.

Our professional staff will take care of all Kimono Fitting’s, Hair Setting’s and Make Up Artistry
Keeping up and matching with current TPO trends we provide Japanese Clothing for a wide range of events including Bridal Wear to suit the current generation and the image required by our clientele.

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Basic Rates

Kimono Clothing can also be worn during the winter months.

We cater with Japanese Clothing and Kimono’s for Parties, Tea Ceremonies, Wedding Services, Engagement Gifts & special occasions for children of 3/5 & 7 years of age.We also have Kimono’s for travelers to enjoy the experience of Japanese Clothing during their vacation and for Photographical experience that will last a lifetime.Catering for Kimono Wear against a wintery background can be arranged with pricing noted within our brochure.Viewing of such Kimono’s can be browsed through our Home Page.

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About Optional Side Menus

Traditional Tea Ceremony experience

Our newly constructed Mituki Sakura Imperial Villa Tea Room caters for a traditional experience and also doubles as a photo studio.Photography Plan is inclusive of Location Shots, Studio photos, Traditional and Current Japanese Clothing shoots. Datehyogo (Traditional Hairstyle) Bridegroom and Kitsuke no Yomeiri (Foxes Wedding) from the Edo period can also be arranged.

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6 Special Points provided by Mituki Sakura Salon & Studio

  • Over 100 types of Kimono’s and Japanese Clothing available to choose from for Weddings and Special Events

  • Please feel free to come as you are and we will supply everything for you.

  • We offer free baggage and luggage storage.Note: This offer is for customers only

  • We are located centrally downtown in the Tanuki Koji Arcade

  • Professional assistance with Kimono Clothing fitting and Hair Stylists and Makeup Artist assistance is available in house.

  • We provide use of items for photographical use.Note: This service is only for customers